Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, I've been moved in at the dorms for a few days now, and have settled in nicely. I've had a lot of free time, but haven't really done much aside from sit around and watch anime. I have serious plans to work on Colonello, but funds are tightening unexpectedly, so I'm beginning to fret over whether or not I'll be able to manage what I need to manage before its too late.
Luckily, my cosplayer friends / cow prods will be arriving by Wednesday, so I'll have someone to work with soon!

A bit of an update for those who care, I've recently gotten into yet another new show. to me.

The last one I really fell head-over-heels for was Tegami Bachi.

For those who don't know, this show is a great watch! It is a bit depressing--especially if you're sensitive, or you get into the characters as much as I do--but its equally heart-warming.

My favorite part about the whole thing--aside from the plot, which I'm not gonna get into because every time I do I end up rambling for at least an hour, which would be quite a lot of typing...considering how many words-per-minute I actually type...--is the setting. Its a steampunk style set in a world split into cities across mostly barren territories. These territories are basically impossible for normal people to cross due to things called "Gaichuu," which basically look giant mechanical bugs.

Thus there are people called "letter bees" who deliver letters--and sometimes people!--across the danger-zones for the people who can't.

Currently, however, I've completed as much of Tegami Bachi as I can...which is the entire first season. The second season--which I am eagerly awaiting--will be out in the fall, supposedly.
Completing Tegami Bachi, however, meant running out of things to do in the long hours between working in which there is well....nothing for me to do.

The solution? FIND A NEW SHOW!

The result? DURARARA!

This show really made my day/week, guys. Its twenty-four episodes long, and it is probably the most fucked up show I've ever watched. Which is impressive, if you have the faintest idea of what I get up to.

Its unique, however, because while it introduces one of the main characters first, it actually stars several!
What I've decided, after watching it all the way through, though, is that it actually stars the city, Ikebukuro.

Some of the main characters, however, include:

Mikado Ryugamine, a young man just moving to Ikebukuro at the urges of a childhood friend!
Kida Masaomi is Mikado's best friend, and a total flirt who talks more than a parrot on steroids!
Heiwajima Shizuo is inhumanly strong...with a temper to match. Flying vending machines are his forte.
Orihara Izaya is the man with all the information in the world.
Celty Sturlson is Ikebukuro's "Black Rider," and is infamous for her black bike and...well...the fact she has no head!
Its hard to talk about Durarara without giving something away, so I'll be good and keep my mouth shut! Good descriptions and summaries are nearly impossible to find as well, simply because its such a complicated tale! I can only recommend going and watching it--its well worth the time!

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