Thursday, January 3, 2013


Guys! Guys Hi!

I'm back again! ;D
Okay I'm a horrible person, yada-yada-yada...but I'm here for now. You guys should totally expect only a few posts a year at this point. -leshrug-

Anyways, here's what's going down:

I went Ikkicon. I went to Ikkicon and got a fabulously oversized room on the executive floor. My friends and I were melting in pleasure over the whole situation and we enjoyed cake and frenchfries and all sorts of fun stuff.
Aside from that Kaasan, Margot la Rue--look her up on facebook, y'all, she's fabu--and I were ponies and it was grand. I'm trying to dig up some photos of my Rainbow Dash but have been unsuccessful so far, and when I get it I'll be happy to share.
Oh, and for any of you who enjoyed Ikki Idol this year... -thumbs to self- Kaasan got saddled with the work and yours truly helped out by being a lovable turd. Aka yelling a lot. -sagely nod-

So there's that and if I find images to share you'll see them soon.

Now let's look foward to the future, shall we?

Too much sass to be contained.
For those of you who are interested in competing in Ikki Idol next year, the three of us are planning to host it again. We're leaving it up to Kaasan to volunteer and we'll follow her if she wishes. If we do host the show again--which if its anything like this year, we'll have little choice--you'll be enjoying our presence in the garb of Once Upon a Time.

Our wonderful Kaasan is hiring me to work on Belle, Margot la Rue will be twisting our minds with the lovely Rumpelstiltskin  and I will be strutting my stuff as the only-slightly-manic Hatter. Look forward to that, ladies and gents, and also look forward to Rumple and Mr. Gold courtesy of Margot and her MarylandFriend.

But as gorgeous as those costumes are--and as much as I'm going to want to kill myself over that motherfudgin' coat..... -distant scream- ..--they've got very nearly an entire year before they'll be makin' their debut. In the meantime we have other plans.
I'll be doing some more work on Rainbow Dash--a custom tank top, customized jeans with a rainbow of safety pins 'cause I rock my own socks--but my first priority will be my costume for A-kon or A-fest depending on which comes first; Jack Frost.

New definition of blueballs...comin' right at ya.
At first glance the costume seems pretty simple, but there's a lot to this one and that's probably why I like it so much. That and let's face it Jack is such a little turd and I LOVE being a little turd. So that's on the plate; Jack Frost to match Kaasan's Tooth Fairy.

If we're lucky we'll have a Sandman or a Bunnymund to match us, and I'm still holding out on trying to trick/convince/brutally force a certain Irish boyfriend--not mine but someone's--into being a young and classy North. -browwiggle-

So that's A-kon/A-Fest and Ikkicon smack dab and on the table. Because of the time required for Jack and the time AND money required for Hatter, I likely won't be making any other costumes this year...for myself. I'm already planning to make Belle for Kaasan and might be doing her Tooth as well, and we'll see if I get any other commissions. If, and only if, I manage to finish BOTH of these lovely boys and have money to spare, however, I have a third I am so very insistent on doing. . . . . .

Party don't start, bitches.

Hehehe~ Welp, I'll see ya next time, ladies and gents. Be sure to stay tuned for a breakdown of Jack Frost in the next day or so.

And also, keep a lookout on our group's page "Cosplay in a Nutshell" for a breakdown and in-progress of Tooth Fairy; CiaN style!