Thursday, August 5, 2010

StalkMode: Hikaru

My group--or at least a nice chunk of my group--are considering a full-sized Ouran Highschool Host Club group cosplay. We have enough people who intend to come--although that number is probably going to change, knowing my gang--and we have someone to suite everyone...if the entire group actually comes.

Now, my position in this group is Hitachiin Hikaru. That's right. The instigator of the twins.
One of my roleplaying partners--and an overall amazing person--will be trying to join me with her Kaoru, but regardless, I want to try and make the Hikaru get up.

The original plan was for all of us to order matching uniforms from the same place--that way we guarantee the fabric and style of the Ouran uniforms would be the same, and if we were smart about where we buy, well-fitting to each of our body types.

The more I think about it, however, and the more I think about how few of our group will probably manage to come--just knowing them tells me the unlikelihood--the more I think that...if it were just me and my twin(I wouldn't make the costume if it was going to be just Hikaru, that wouldn't make sense! xD), that I would like to do a costume that isn't the uniform. Uniforms are ridiculously hard to make, after all, and there are some outfits I like better!
...that and I really don't want to wear a tie if I can get away with not.

So that brings a few more options into play. There are, of course, the numerous outfits the artist uses in filler pages and the mounds of get-ups that Tamaki encourages, but there are also a couple more well known. The cheshire cat, for instance.

This costume is very recognizable, which is something ideal when you're working outside of a character's normal attire if you ask me. Its easier to choose a fairly recognizable side-outfit and not deal with the "are you this?""" "are you him?""no.." issues.
The chesire get-up is also very cute in my opinion, and purples are nice in my book. It wouldn't be difficult to manage, either, and I'm capable of making every inch of it--except the boots and wig--myself. Even the cloves would be manageable, even if I'd have to beg and plead my cosplay-goddesses of friends to assist me.

Another recognizable one is the waiter get-up.

But just as the recognizable is good, overdone looms. And both the Cheshire and waiter get ups for the twins are extremely popular.
Almost more so than the uniform itself!

So, that leaves some of my personal favorites to gander at.

This is one of them--a more unique version of the waiter outfit. Of course, its still recognizable, which is good, but less often done. That, and I really do love waist coats. They're so effin' sexy.

But its still not what I'd to do. If possible, I'd love to do one of the casual-wear outfits. There are two that show up in the anime for a long period of time--and I like them both. Of course, a useful thing about casual that its casual wear and can re-used. If you haven't caught on already, I really enjoy reusing things.
This is one--Hikaru's on the right if you didn't already know. Basically, a trio of tank tops is the most difficult part....which obviously isn't too hard. That, and I absolutely love tank tops! I might actually have two of those colors lurking about in my closet somewhere.

But! My absolute favorite is this get-up: 

...and I won't deny its partially because I have a headphone fetish.

Aside from that, I really like this outfit, which is used when Hikaru goes on his date with Haruhi, proving yet again that Kaoru really is the sneakier of the duo.

No more difficult than the tank-top set, the mixture of orange and cream colors is probably what attracts me to this one. I looove the color orange, after all!

But aside from that, this is actually a fairly recognizable set, coming from a memorable episode. Not that the bed & breakfast "trials" weren't memorable. That...and does anyone else notice that he's wearing the same hoodie-vest as Kaoru was the day before?

He totally stole it. 100%.

Don't let him fool you. 
He stole it.

-coughhack- Thieving twins aside, I'll be up in the air over this one for a while. It all depends on my Kaoru and the rest of the gang, of course. If I had my way, however, it'd be headphones all the way!

Or this;
The simplicity of the Victorian era outfit is very appealing, after all.

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