Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Have you ever done something...that when finished...made you feel both relieved, and like part of the Earth just dropped out from beneath you?

Well, I just finally finished work on a table I've been chipping away at for hours...and I'm having an incredible amount of trouble figuring out just what to do with myself now.

The damn thing was a series of price-ranges and calculations for the far-distant A-kon 22 off in June of next year, but it was something so time-consuming and distracting that I knew I had to finish most of it off  before college starts back up. I haven't the foggiest idea how long it took me, but having to do the bloody thing twice certainly gives me an idea.

But its up now, looking all nice and screwy at the site I maintain for my local A-kon goers. Unfortunately, after all my work to make it look professional and damn impressive, I realized there was no possible way for me to easily convert it into a format Proboards wouldn't chew up and hack-up at me like a really nasty spitball. So now I have to type proboards-friendly HTML for it....tiny little fucking box by tiny little fucking box.

However, that's all for another day's stress. For now it is FINISHED.
F to the I to the N to the iSHED.
Speaking of, iShed will be coming out early of next year, allowing you to safely and securely store all of your random junk in a conveniently house-sized device in your backyard. Completely bullet-proof, it allows water inside and comes with a full collection of poisonous objects, including but not limited to spiders, rare species of toxic frogs, snakes, and particularly over-sized Venus Fly-Traps.

Anyways. Now that its all said and done with I'm feeling a shade bit lost...guess I'll start another StalkMode...

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