Monday, August 22, 2011

Spin Blam Whatafucka BAM.

Its interesting how life experiences can slowly but surely turn your habits into those that you hate. So here I am, a hater of a certain habit of a certain person who pops off the face of the earth for a month or so, and yet I'm wanting to do nothing but the same thing. Bah.

But earth-plopping and mars-popping aside, life right now's okay. I'm currently in Missouri and I've lived through the first day of school, getting ready for the second hours or so.. Yeah..I should get to bed. Before I do that though, I wanted to get my butt on here and let you guys know a bit of what I've got planned.

I'm now a member of a cosplay group--Cosplay in a Nutshell--which can be found here on blogspot Our group is just getting off its feet, obviously, and are debuting as a "group" at Ikkicon this December/January. Currently we have two large groups planned and a several other smaller groups and duets, as well as singles. Our main groups are a modified Black Butler--basically its what happens when Lady Elizabeth dresses everyone--and a steampunk group called SDS:  Seven Deadly Sciences.

In the BB group I will be a Lizzified Undertaker. Now SPOILER...I will be doing the most recent version of Undertaker, which means I get to ditch that godforsaken hat and shawl and leave my coat open to show my AWESOME MANCHEST....or rather a nicer more fitted outline of my manchest. I'm also considering doing the Charlie Chaplin version as well, with the bowler hat, hilterstache, and suit. That all will boil down to funds though. SPOILER.

SDS is a bit different. Everyone comes up with their own characters and designs, following only a basic guideline. Every member has a science, a sin, and a color to represent. My science is the only false science--Wumbology--and I will be representing Wrath, with a rich red as my color. ;] My costume is already past the planning stages and is in the beginning construction. Thankfully an incredible lady at our school--she's a draper by craft and a good one!--is going to help me modify some of my patterns to better suit what I have in mind. I'm so excited!
The basic idea is to have a red bodice with black trim and--if possible--a double breasted closure. Otherwise it will be a basic square neckline with an upraised collar and a simple down the front closure. My skirt will be the basic walking skirt in a black fabric, with a much more ornate bustle out of two different fabrics. I have a black with very faint shinier black circles and a slightly see-through black with beautifully done flowers on it. I also have some red lace, which will go on certain parts of the bustle.
If possible, I'd like to get some great lace-up heels, but that's all gonna be about the budget.
To top it off I have some fake alligator leather I'm going to be making two large belts out of; one to have vials of misc. goo, and the other for smaller empty vials. I also will be making a polymer clay brittle starfish to be a a joke about Patrick Star being the epitome of Wumbologists.

So yeah...that's what I'm currently up to. Also in the works is a demon-form Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist, but that isn't the most important thing right now. We'll see what happens and whether or not my robotics king can help me with that effin' tail. ;]

By for now~
[Sorry for no pictures, btw~! I might add some more when I'm feeling less...anti-social / lazy.]