Wednesday, August 4, 2010

StalkMode: Arcobaleno

Okay, so the story behind this is a typical this-is-how-we-roll sort of tale. I.E...this is how a lot of our shenanigans and plans get going. It all started when I made a tiiiny polymer clay figure of Leon...just because I could. I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to make the rest of the arcobaleno animals, and so I started a valiant GoogleSearch in the attempt to find some fair-sized image.

Needless to say...the attempt failed rather heavily. But in the process of hunting I stumbled on this picture:
And noticed the definitely-not-obviously-pregnant holder of the Sky pacifier. 
It clicked that a friend of mine was making a cosplay of Naruto's mother when she was pregnant.
It then clicked that she would have the fake pregnancy belly.
It clicked a few minutes later that she should totally cosplay Reborn with me.

It took a little while longer and a phone call for it to click that we should totally cosplay two of the Arcobaleno.

So now its time for StalkMode!

My dear old buddy old pal has her eyes set on Luce--Ms. Preggers up thar. She--being faster and more on the ball than me--already found a costume for a reasonable price. Of course, I have a tendency to make things, so it'll take me a lot longer. Personally, I'm not really sure which of the Arcobaleno suits me best. I believe that cosplays should be just as much personality/acting ability as they should be costume, so I must be Patient and Thorough! -fistpump-
Unfortunately, I'm not a Queen of Acting. In fact, I'm neither good at it nor do I want to be. So for me, personality is key. 

Let's dash 'em all down!

First off, here's a nice and shiny list of the Arcobaleno;
  • Reborn - Of course we all know this handsome devil. Straight faced and calm, his favorite word seems to be "Ciaoussu" which is a mixture of hellos in Italian and Japanese. He's rarely caught off-guard, and you can't even tell when he is half the time. His partner is Leon, a bright green gecko who can shapeshift, make deathperation bullets, and make special clothing.
  • Verde - Not gonna lie, I don't know a whole lot about Verde. He seems to be very clever and cunning, and is mentioned as being one of the creators of the Box Weapons in the Future arc. His animal is an alligator with lots of shiny teeth.
  • Colonello - The Guardian of the Rain pacifier and one of the more obnoxiously blond characters, Colonello is famous for saying "Kura" or "maggots" at the end or in the middle of most of his sentences in the anime. A fairly violent individual, Colonello carries around an assault rifle and seems to be Reborn's rival, but is very self-sacrificing. He has a hawk as a partner who carries him around by the head.
  • Skull - Unmistakable with his motorcycle helmet and his massive purple octopus, Skull is weaker than both Reborn and Colonello and Reborn uses him as an errand boy. I know less about him than I do Verde. -fail-
  • Viper - Best known as the Varia's Mammon, Viper is a penny-pincher by heart who charges for everything. He is a bit of a coward and I believe I can safely say lives by the "when all else fails run away" montage. His animal, Phantasma, is a frog that changes into a salamander and allows him to fly.
  • Luce/Aria/Yuni - The boss of the Arcobaleno, the holder of the Sky Pacifier has a short life and dies young. Unlike the others, only Luce was technically an Arcobaleno, but the others accepted Aria and accept Yuni as the Boss. Luce's animal was a red squirrel.
  • Fon - I-Pin's master and a master of martial arts, Fon's animal is a monkey. I don't know a thing about him personality-wise.
  • Lal Mirch - The owner of a corrupted pacifier, Lal Mirch considers herself to be the weakest of the Arcobaleno. She is calm and regretful, but can be extremely serious and loud when she wants to be. Prone to violence when training Tsuna, especially when he shirks. She is very close to Colonello.
Right off the bat we can slash away the ones I don't know a thing about, as well as Luce/Aria/Yuni. ;3 That leaves;
  • Reborn
  • Colonello
  • Viper/Mammon
  • Lal Mirch
Of those...we now take away Lal Mirch--because her outfit is the most time consuming and specific--and Reborn--because I respect the character too much and don't believe I could pull it off to my standards.
That leaves Colonello and Viper/Mammon as my options. I'm fond of both characters--even if I think Viper/Mammon deserves a good smack or five once and a while--and I think I could pull off either outfit and either personality fairly well.
My friend thinks I should go with Colonello, but I'm going to ask around a few more times before I set my mind on either. ;3 

So at the end of the StalkMode, I've narrowed my sights on two Arcobaleno...and I shall narrow further on them soon. -burningstare- We will...decide. -stare-

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