Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving Pains

Okay, so I've been a bit quiet the last few days--not unusual, considering my schedule--and haven't even so much as looked at an anime or manga since I returned from my vacation. Packing them away doesn't count.

But that's what I've been doing. I'm moving back to college in...a day...so I've been packing up like a packrat on steroids, and almost all of my things-to-take lists have been wiped clean. Most impressive...is the fact that I've already forgotten how much manga I've packed. Hopefully I didn't store away more than what can fit on my two tiny shelves.....but I'll probably be having my leaning-towers-of-otakuness again this year.

Its an attraction that keeps the locals interested.
The constant changing of the Dynamic Tower is akin to the consistent migrating of my books.

Real-life-headaches aside, once I get to my school-year-home, I'll be back in the arms of the theatre world. Which is both wonderful and sad, because I've realized this will be the last year I'll be as intricately involved in the life of a theatre major...as I'll be changing my major in a whole new direction next year...and perhaps be taking some different classes this year.
Its a shocker...but even though I looove theatre and i love being around the costumes and the props and the 20'x20' Christmas Carol HOUSE that spins in the middle of the stage and actually took part of itself out on the cats.....I'm doing the right thing.

Zoology and Paleontology have always been my two greatest loves...and that's where I'm headed. Wish me luck along the way!
I'll need it...
Jack's Favorite Dinosaur. Kudos to anyone who knows what it is!

Anyways, things will be settling down soon...sorta. Settling to the school-year drive, anyways, and I'll be getting back to work soon. AnimeFest is on Labor Day weekend...which means I'll have to have everything done by the....fourth of September or earlier. The more I think about it...the more I don't think its gonna happen. xD;
But I'll do my best! My biggest fears, obviously, are the wig and the gun. The wig has a long road to get here, and I haven't even gotten around to ordering it...(badjackbad!!)...and the gun....I have no idea even if I'll get around to ordering it this time.
Especially since after watching the episode of Reborn practically starring our handsome blond shooting at Tsuna and Gokudera....I've been drooling n that gun so hard I've just wanted to make it myself out of wood. -dreamylook- Itwouldbesogorgeous...

Unfortunately...time's a bitch.
So we'll see what happens!

No matter what, though, I will get to work on my costume. After most of my things are packed(I drive a truck, so about 60-70% of my load has to be loaded the day I leave to avoid possible night rain), and most of Tobikuma's water is taken care of(he's my betta and he's HANDSOME DAGUMIT.), I'll probably get online and start searching some of the patterns available from some of the more big-time(cheap) pattern companies on the hunt for a military jacket.

Then it'll be a hunt to find the right pants...and maybe the right color dye...and the right color fabric.... -twitch-
That'll be work.

But its okay.
I'll enjoy every minute of it.
Even when I'm cursing the gods for making needles that stab me and get eaten by couches.
I'll still enjoy it.

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