Friday, August 6, 2010

PriceCheck: Colonello

Okay, so when I first started this blog, I started believing that--while I planned to get as many of my cosplays done long before the con--I wouldn't absolutely need anything done until May, as A-kon is in June.

But then my bestest buddy / nightmare instigator threw a wrench into my plans, encouraging me to join her to an early trip to Dallas for AnimeFest.
At first...I was smart. I said "nah...I shouldn't...I can't afford it..."
But it started to wear on me(I personally believe she was using mindcontrol), and next thing I knew I was actually upset that I wouldn't be able to go! So what'd I do? I started planning to go. And now where am I? Cosplay-less and only a month before I'd need one!

So my plans to get to work on my cosplays--especially Colonello, I was looking forward to working slowly away at my giant rifle and taking forever to hand sew my jacket in the comfort of my dorm lobby--lazily, has just been kicked out the window. That means I've got to get the ball rolling a little bit--at least push it up the hill!

That's what inspired the epic-wig-hunt.

Now I call it an epic-wig-hunt because I never imagined how long it would take me to find something I really liked!
I started out by googling 'Colonello Wig' the same way I'd done when scoping out the Gokudera wigs. To my surprise, there actually wasn't a very wide range of different places that sold one specifically like that, but I was good! I took it in striiide.

So after the failed attempt at finding a "Colonello" wig--which had actually resulted in two sites that screamed 'scam', a cosplayhouse wig that had no actual image of the wig, several "where can I find?" threads in about six different cosplay sites, and a few colonel wigs, which were white with rather fabulous mustaches--I tried looking for a blond spiky wig in some of the more famous sites. turned out to have a couple fairly nice wigs. One in particular--a styled wig for a character from Tales of Symphonia, strangely enough--actually kept my attention for a while. In the end, however, I decided that I would prefer to get a wig from a site that has a bigger reputation in the cosplay world, just for security. I will probably test out Milanoo in the future, but when I need a wig as soon as it turns out I'll be needing this one, I'd rather not risk it so much.

Next place I found myself was

For those of you who don't stalk the cosplay sites, is one of the most highly mentioned out of all of them. is another one that's constantly in the cosplay radar, but after a check there, I found nothing akin to what I needed and left it behind.
While it took me a while to learn how to navigate the site--I ended up going from cosworx to a shop based off of, which gave me many more options--I found a pretty wide variety of wigs and colors. Unfortunately, the right shade of blond was not as heavily populated...and most of its population was Squalo-length.

However, after an extended search--and a brief encounter with a wig I immediately labeled the "blond Rukia"--I came face to face with a near perfect wig.

"Blond Rukia"
Now, this wig isn't a cheap, nice little thing. Almost sixty-buckaroos, its a wallet puncher. However, it is made of a heat-resistant material, which from what I can read allows it to be curled, flat ironed, dried, and gives it more durability. I don't think I'll be curling it, but the ability to do so would make it useful for the future, and the extra durability is a plus.

Of course, I came into this knowing I'd be spending a pretty penny...and knowing that I wouldn't find a perfect wig. However, the one I've chosen--zephyr's short shaggy straight in yellow gold--is gonna be pretty damn good.

My plan is to go ahead and order it within the next week. It comes from Japan, so its got an extra week of travel to get here, and in the mean time I'll be working on other things.
By the time it gets here, I should have the bandana completed, which will allow me to work on styling it. My friend has offered to introduce me to her stylist day-before-AnimeFest if I can't finish or can't figure out how to style the damn thing.
Unfortunately, Jack is not a stylist. xD 

But I'm pleased with the results of my 4-hour hunt(I went everywhere except ebay, seriously. Ebay was my Last Resort), and I know that I'll have a good quality wig coming my why soon. ;3 

So the price check/list for this purchase is going to be the blond wig and a wig cap.

Zephyr Heat-Resistant Short Shaggy Straight - $57
Beige Wig-Cap - $1.79
Total:  (rounded; without tax/shipping) $60

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