Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MindMaking: Gokudera

So I'm working my way down to a decision about my Gokudera cosplay. Out of all the thousands of outfits he's been caught in--including the multiple Future Arc versions as well as the numerous outfits the artist just loves to shove all of the KHR gang into--I've canceled out a good chunk of them.

Because a friend of mine wants a simple outfit for her costume--Tsuna ftw--we're thinking that the best idea is the early stages of Reborn. That means no uniforms, no ties, no violent weaponry because let's face it. The more awesome the outfit, the harder it will be for us to make. Especially with low budgetry. So its back to the beginning!

I'm split between a couple outfits now. First is the casual get-up we see Goku in a lot early on:
Which is essentially a pair of jeans, some converse, a red shirt, a white button-up, and some accessories.
The other I'm considering is this one:

Which is about the same as the first, except the short-sleeve shirts are replaced with one long-sleeve. I have a pattern to make this style of shirt too, and I'm really interested in making something like it just for fun, so its really tempting to make this.

Both are simple enough, cost efficient, and things I could actually put a use to outside of cosplay...and with my family that's always a plus. ;3 A little closer to game-time I'll make my decision, probably after hunting down a wig and seeing if anything conveniently "holy shat that's the exact shirt" rolls into my lap. ;3 

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