Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress is Progressing!

Well, I've been a busy busy bee lately! Aside from working diligently on my newest Undertaker, I've also been working on my friend's costume--Excalibur from Soul Eater!

This is the costume so far. :]

The costume is nearly complete, and I'm exceedingly proud! Its taken several days, but hey! I've been making the jacket, the feet, the head, and the hat. So far the jacket and feet are finished, and I'll be starting on the head today. We sewed some footless pantyhose to the feet to make the legs, and these are over another pair of pantyhose. The jacket is over a button up shirt. I plan on attaching the head to an undershirt, and having all the seems covered by the "doily"...which is actually the collar. We just think it looks like a doily. -3-
 I would very much like to do Soul Eater to go with her Excalibur--we have quite a few other members in groups attached to ours--but due to the very short amount of time I have left, I've decided I'm better off not. I couldn't get a wig here in that time anyways. I plan to eventually make Soul--or someone else, if by that time we have a Soul--but I want to do it when I have time to really get the details down. Especially those teeth and those eyes. -squirm-

My Undertaker costumes are going well as well, both of them! The main one is pretty much done...although I should probably get my ass in gear and make the shawl and hat, but the second one is almost complete! I'm so excited about it. The details look really good, ya know! ;D I'm also really ecstatic about the skeleton that should be in in the next couple days...

This is a good outline of it. I plan on setting up a small gallery of all the pictures I have for this, since there are so many! There are lots of small things that make me happy about it. :D Its very fitted too, which means that it gets my curves...which I always like. ;3 I will say though, it accents my chest a bit much. Its not as bad when I bind though, so I'll probably bind and rework it a bit at the con if I need to. I'll be bringing my sewing machine...for some god forsaken reason. -laugh-

Anyways! Everything's going smoothly, all things considered, and I can't wait for the con!! Its only a couple weeks away!! -dance- ...not even a couple, really. Its so right there its making me scream!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lotta work for last minute...

So...I was reading Black Butler...catching up and getting to that shiny new chapter...and a very particular image caught my eye.

You can't see very well from this distance, so I recommend making it bigger, but this is probably my favorite image of Undertaker I've ever seen. The very sight of it makes me drool I'm so excited to work on it. xD;

Unfortunately for me, doing this one means a helluva lot of work pretty last minute to the con! This jacket he has on is very different from the ones I have now. its a more asian style, with ornate embroidery on one sleeve and a gorgeous threaded ribbon on the other. It also gives a better look at that belt, and I'm eager to rework the one I have just for this. ;]

We're actually thinking about digging me up a skeleton too...and I think it'd be beyond epic to walk around a convention with a fully articulated skeleton. Unfortunately, it not very easy to do that with my budget...so if I do that...it'll be a much more inexpensive model. Nevertheless! I'm really ecstatic about this, and desperately want to do it. I was aching for another costume to bring with me too, so its even better!

On a side note...I have a visitor to my home. He is a bat...plain and simple...and is a teensy weensy baby. About the size of my thumb. My friends want to call him Bruce Wayne...but I've actually been calling him Batty.
Yeah! That Batty!

He actually kinda looks like that...
..no not really. he's hairless, with a cute little snub nose and ears that fold over. >3< He's so cute!..well...for a bat. Anyways, we've been keeping him warm and feeding him goats milk every two hours or so. He's doing okay so far...but we're trying to find someone who can give him the care he really needs Hopefully one of the wildlife rescues or the zoo around here will take the little insectivore. Until now, we're doing our best!

If I remember, I'll update this post with a picture of the little stinker. ;]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Projects for the thinking; Vino and Joker

So I've been doing a lot of musing since my summer started...and when I wasn't musing about my new life after I move upstate for a new college...or about my crazy friends...or about my current cosplays or my horses, something that kept coming up was future cosplays. There're quite a few I want to do--from Squalo of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! to Tzekel Kahn from The Road To Eldorado--but a couple in particular I'm already beginning to work out patterns and schemes in my head.

One of those is Baccano!'s Claire Stanfield.

From the first time I watched Baccano!, I've loved this character, but I recently watched the series over again...and not having my eyes going swirly-crazy from trying to understand it really let me see this guy in all his glory. I think I fell in love! D8
I'm not complaining though. He's so delightfully twisted, and his logic is fabulous. I definitely want to make his get up. Suits are currently not in my ability to make though--and they're also waaay too expensive to make from scratch--so I'll probably find a place that sells them for a reasonable price and get a couple. ;] one would be clean and fabulous, and the other...kekekeke.
Put simply, a friend and I plan to fill things with the "blood' and I get to beat them so we get proper splatter. =D Then we'll rig the makeup to match the splatter, and put some in the hair as well. ;]
I'm definitely planning on getting to this guy in the next couple years or so...maybe for Ikkicon or A-kon next year! He's so wonderful.

Coincidentally...I'd really like to get my ass in gear for is Kimblee of FMA. I guess I have a thing for the psychopathic, homicidal, blood-thirsty, sadistic, semi-masochistic crazy fuckers. oxo;
...in suits.

But c'mooon! How can you say no to this? >:D
Back to the point of the matter, aside form Vino--who is in the squiggly planning stage--I am also seriously 100% considering Joker from Black Butler.

I've seen a lot of really well done Jokers, and I don't think I can top most of them, but there's something about this costume that just makes me swoon. I mean, I live for fabulous costumes, and the urge to get my hands on this one is so strong I could just squirm myself to death. I've got so many schemes for it too. xD;;
The jacket I'm especially worked out over--I mean, look at that thing!!--and that's not just 'cause I'm a bit of a psychopath for gorgeous coats. But it has a good design, a unique pattern...and I love the challenge of matching it.
...that and I kinda have a thing fer coats.. >>;;

The other thing is those boots....and that arm. The arm I'm excited about. I think it'd be really neat to simply paint my hand when I'm just roaming cons, but for photoshoots I could bind my arm behind my back and implement an entire skeletal arm that can be maneuvered and positioned. With a wire interior and movement in the joints, it could even hold things and make inappropriate hand symbols. ~(>3<)~

..butyah...those two are currently very very high in my to-do list, after everything else is finished, of course! They will have to take a back seat to school though. -SIGH- Luckily, i'm going to school for costumes..so...HA. Take that, logic! -fistpumpofgreatandpowerfulVICTORY-

Friday, May 13, 2011

Updating the Updates!

So there's a new development in the group...being that our Haruhi can't afford the wig...and therefore can't be our Haruhi. Luckily...our marvelous Eclair is filling in her shoes! Which is even better, 'cause now we can really make Tamaki-senpai jealous! -cackle-

Neutral news aside, I've got some good news too! Kaasan has ordered all of her things for Nekozawa, Shortstuff is pretty much gotten everything for Kyoya together, Ranka's accessories are almost all gathered together, and everyone is Super Hyped for the con!! We've even got ourselves a photographer for a neato little photoshoot, and we're hopin' to trek to the beach one day!

On a side note, the shirt I ordered came in...and its the wrong color. We're still deciding whether or not to pay money to have it exchanged...or just give it  to someone and get a new one...the sunglasses also came in--and they're so perfect it hurts--and...the wig! 

I'm super happy with it, 'cause while it has some stylin' to be done to it...its kinda amazing and as orange as it could be!

..just kidding, just kidding.

Messy picture, yeah, and you can see my distinctive sunburn...but there she blows! Isn't it nice? I'm so glad to have my first short wig in my collection! BWAHAHAHA.
Now its time to get back to work and scheme for the costumes and the con!

See you soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ouran Host Club Beach Party Update!!

So, I've got to say. We're all really excited that we've got yet another addition to our group!! Aside from the entire host club now being 100% confirmed we now have an amazing lady cosplaying as Eclair!

The Amazing Madam M will be bringing a swim-suit clad Eclair to the party. ;] While Eclair as a character is an evil witch, her cosplayer is an absolutely fantastic dudette, and we've got quite a few shenanigans planned! ;]

Aside from our addition, we're also happy to announce that we will be giving out leis at the convention! Be sure to look for us and get yourself a lei before we run out--we don't have many!

On a side note, the Kasanoda and Tetsuya we were aiming to have join us have other plans, so we'll be short one Kasanodda and one Tetsuya. Its sad...but at least they aren't imperative...

See you soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shopping List: Ouran Beach Party

After much discussion between two of us, we've decided to compile a list of things to get for the various characters...or things to look out for. ;] They are primarily based on images and scenes set at Kyoya's indoor resort, bu some are based on other images simply due to strangeness. xD; Or lack of being in the episode. oxo;
Most are suggestions.

Hikaru/Kaoru [15% done!]
{ Jack (confirmed) / (unconfirmed) }

Nekozawa [around $92] 
{ Kaasan (confirmed) }

Renge [Suggestions] 
{ Emiry (confirmed) }

{ The Most Tolerant Man in the World (confirmed) }

Hunny [Suggestions] 
{ Munchkin (confirmed) }

Mori [Suggestions] 
{ Vengeance Horse (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Dark Blue minimal to no patterning]
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses [Sporty; neck]
  • Beach Ball [Red & White]

Kyoya [Suggestions] 
{ Shortstuff (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Dark; Little to no patterning]
  • Shirt [Hawaiian button up; white with minimal patterning]
  • Necklace [Thin, silver tone]
  • Flip Flops [Black]
  • Book or Journal

Tamaki [Suggestions] 
{ Capital B (confirmed) }

Haruhi [Suggestions] 
{ Capital T (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Green plaid]
  • Shirt [Yellow pullover]
  • Flip Flops [Black]

Casanov--....Kasanoda [Suggestions] 
{ Narutard (unconfirmed) }
  • Cargo Shorts [Khaki; brown belt]
  • Undershirt [Yellow]
  • Overshirt [Blue button up]
  • Sandals [brown velcro]
  • Sunglasses
  • Braided bracelet [Black]
  • Grumpy Expression

Tetsuya [Suggestions] 
{ Cody-ak (unconfirmed) }
  • Cargo shorts (khaki; brown belt
  • Shirt (mint green; open
  • Bandage on cheek
  • Sunglasses (more feminine than Kasanoda's)
  • Flip flops (brown)
  • Picnic basket
  • Umbrella
  • Big beach towel
  • Beach bag (sunscreen, towels, etc)