Wednesday, August 4, 2010

StalkMode: Arcobaleno DoomStage Activated; Rain Pacifier

I feel a bit smug about my title length--I know I shouldn't, but to me it sounds all professional "the subject has entered the warehouse; sending in reinforcements"-ish. I like it.

Anyways. When I started typing this, I was under the impression that I would do one post for Mammon, one post for Colonello, and then a deciding factor later when I'd weighed my options. Unfortunately, my Sky Arcobaleno put her preggers foot down, so now my options are decidedly limited. So limited, in fact, that I can only go as Colonello or fear the wrath of her massive hat.

But, I feel a bit bad for poor Viper, so here's an image of the little guy:

Now for the main event! Our maggot-speaking Colonello. ;3

His general outfit is actually one of my favorites--I'm a huge fan of the basic army style, especially when its mixed with more personal effects. At its most basic, he wears a pair of green pants(I don't think I'd be going to far to suggest canvas or cargo), a white undershirt, black military boots, a green jacket seemingly with a maroon lining, his unique camo headband, a black belt with pouches(probably for rifle rounds), and his pacifier.
Of course, there's more too it. But that's the basics, kura.

For an actual Colonello cosplay, I'd need to add a blond wig and blue contacts to the basics list, because I have brown eyes and brown hair, neither of which are near blue or blond. Now! To get considerably more in-detail, here's a fantastically helpful image I found. ;3

A bit minimized for this blog's purposes, it gives a good showing of detail, which makes the perfectionist in me squee long-time.
The boots are something I would have to buy, because I obviously cannot make boots. Something about shoemaking just isn't in my blood. The pants I would also need to purchase, simply because with past experiences twitching in the background, I know better than to try pants ever again...or anytime soon. For some reason, I can make anything but pants. The shirt is something I could buy for a couple bucks without any issue, and I would--of course--have to puchase the wig and contacts.
The jacket, however, is well within my ability to make, and I'd be happy to do so. I might actually have a pattern currently that would work, and that would be nice.
The bandana I would have to make myself, probably using fabric markers or paint to make the design. The leather pouch at his hip I could also make without much issue, and would be able to reuse it in a different area. I always have a use for pouches and belts--no joke. 
And last but not least, that sexy rifle would have to be either made by hand, hunted down in a toy store, or left out.
Kinda a toss-in-the-air / time-at-the-end / do-I-have-money issue.

Now...there is one more thing I need to consider..and I probably should decide whether or not to do it soon..
Arcobaleno...or no Arcobaleno?
Meaning, baby with pacifier / hawk, or just Colonello in the fleshy-flesh?

To be completely honest, I would be happy to make him with or without his pacifier/hawk combo. I'm a huge fan of the hawk--I absolutely love that thing--but it would be really difficult to make...and I personally think that while Colonello does show up a few times without his hawk, being completely unable to be all like "Why yes, I do have a hawk with a three foot wingspan stored conveniently in my room..." would make me very upset.

As for the pacifier, that wouldn't be a problem at all. I could make one within a few hours--including painting time--or even be clever and make one out of unique materials. It would be neat if it was nearly see-through. Or, if I wanted, I could try to purchase one. The only problem with that would be the size.

So I'm not entirely 100% on whether there will or won't be a Rain Pacifier involved. But either way, I'll put my heart and soul into keeping Colonello as accurate as possible, kura!

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