Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let it Begin!: Undertaker

Okay, so my last post got out a little late...but I'd like to let you all know that...the Undertaker has been started~!
I have, in fact, begun work on the bottom layer of my favorite undertaker, and I'd like to let you all in on my current progress. The pattern I used for the coat is actually for a civil war uniform.

Here's a picture of it. The pattern number is M4745, so if you ever have need of it, go get it! I'm very fond of it...even if it is a bit of a pain to make. I've had to modify the uniform a bit, but not so much that I'll get I'm confident!

So far I've purchased the material--I chose a very nice, medium weight, and super soft, black for the main material and a sleek dark gray for the lining--and have begun the long process of cutting all the pieces out and putting them together.

Because the pattern for the front is actually in two pieces--a section that goes to the waist and the panel that goes below it--it hasn't been too much trouble to lengthen. I used the basic length for the dark blue image above, and then lengthened it further by another six inches or so to optimize my chance of getting it just right.
I used the front of the second image, however, for the straight up-and-down buttons.

So its kinda a mix between the two...but the pattern is working very well with itself, so I'm not concerned. I've actually already pieced together a large section of it, and I'm infinitely pleased with how its coming out.
As you can see from this image--look at the back for either A or B, but B is the closest to what mine will look like--the back is actually pretty cool to look at. That shape helps it conform to my shape, which will give me a really nice figure when its all done. Its meant for a masculine form, however, so it won't actually accentuate more curves than it should.

Once I start working again today, I'll take some pictures of everything and post some. For now, however, just know that I've got the basic upper form done, and will be putting the sleeves on after I cut out the lining. I'll check to make sure its gonna fit before I continue though the ACE Bandages!

StalkMode: Undertaker

Okay. So I've fallen in absolute love with the undertaker from Black Butler. Yup, the psychotic, corpsetastic, laugh-obsessed loon that spends his days digging through human chests. He's my kinda guy. ;D

Anyways, even though I've promised my kidnapper that I will do a Shikamaru, I am deadset on starting, completing, and wearing the undertaker's get-up to Ikkicon. I dare anyone to try and stop me, that's how determined I am. So here's the Stalkmode! Get ready for some drool-worthy psycopath, ladies and gents!

Alright. The basic dealeo for the Undertaker is very simple. He wears primarily black, with a gray lining to his underjacket, and a gray sash over one shoulder. Most notable features include his charming grin, long silver hair, impressively black fingernails, and a rather wobbly top-hat.

Also notable are the scars around his various parts--the ones most obvious are; the loop around his left pinky finger, a circle around his throat hidden beneath his collar, and one that seems to go from the top of his left temple over his nose, beneath his right eye, and to his right ear. Those of course will have to be done with make-up. ;3 Which...shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

Aside from body marring and a wig which will require some styling, everything else appears to be quite capable of being run through a machine. This image, which is probably the best image ever, breaks almost everything down nice and clear.

Okay. So the bottom layer on the undertaker is a high-collared, fitted sleeve, knee length coat. It has eleven buttons running down the front from just below the collar to just below the pantline. The sleeves are split to just below the elbow and have seven buttons on each side. Numbers are, of course, not too huge a deal. Lord knows the number probably changes incessantly throughout the anime and manga...but I like numbers. They give me security blankets, yo! D8

Aaanyways. From this image you almost get the impression that he's wearing another shirt beneath the lower level...but I think for simplicity's well as comfort's sake, I'm going to do a falsie. It'll be lined in dark grey, and if necessary, I'll add an extra layer on the sleeve and collar to make it look like there's another shirt there. Its just waaaaaaaay too many layers to add another shirt. And I like being comfortable and not burning my flesh off. ;D

So on top of this "shirt"..."jacket"..."thing", is what I'm going to refer to as the overcoat. It isn't an actual overcoat, obviously...but now it is. Accept my logic. ;P
The topcoat/overcoat will require the most material without a doubt. It goes aaaaall the way to just above the ankles, and has very large sleeves. A flexible but strong material will be the best choice, something that allows for various flailing but is sturdy enough to keep its shape. The topcoat has a very unique collar, and from what I can guess by looking at it, I would think it works similar to the triangular shape of some biker jackets. With a little help from my pattern-wiz of a grand-parental, I think I should be able to mimic that pretty close while keeping that nice "loop" in the back.
Hehheee. It makes me think of a rounded sailor collar.

Aside from the two jackets, there is also the gray sash. For that, I'll probably hem a long piece of fairly nice fabric, rig the knot and then either tack or safety-pin it into that position so it can be easily removed and put on without having to tie it. It looks like a fairly loose knot, and I like that I don't wanna MEGA KNOT it....if I don't have to. P: Although I might depending on how lazy I am when it comes down too it~ I am a bum.
Then there's the boots, which won't be much trouble. They basically are a pair of high-heeled, basic black boots with short brown or black belts wrapped around them. I'll get some belts, tear them up, get some buckles, and go from there. -fistpump-
The pants seem to either be tight-fitting or maybe black breeches.

Accessories...are a ring on his left hand and a series of small picture frames around his waist. The little frames seem to have designs and I'll try to look in a bit more into it.
Last but not least is his hat, which at first glance looks like a warped tophat, but what I think is more likely a tophat wrapped in fabric...which for some reason is actually a fairly popular thing to do to tophats. oxo; Go figure.
Either way, that'll probably be one of the last things I worry about...namely because I don't believe myself capable of making a hat....
Anyways~ That's the Undertaker! Look out for a new post very soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back from the Dead!

Okay, so...I've been bulldozed by school the last couple months.
Literally, figuratively, and theoretically bulldozed, mind you, so nothing at all has gotten done over this last period of least not in the world of cosplay.

Currently, I've been involved in our playhouse's production of Macbeth. Its going fabulously, but because I've been working as an impromptu costumer's assistant as well as working as a stagehand, I've been veeery busy. Even my schoolwork's been put on hold in order to make and now maintain our cast's costumes.
However, with MacDaddy now moving on from opening night and onto its two weekend run, I'm able to relax a bit more and concentrate on other things too!

So now that you know what's usurped my attention and my hands, time to get onto the good stuff!
In the cosplay universe, while nothing has been done, a few things have been decided. Because I'm being kidnapped to Ikkicon in January, its been determined I need to step up my game and have a costume ready. My kidnapper and her confriends are mostly Naruto that means in order to blend in with the enemy, I have to take on the guise of a nin....and Shikamaru has been selected for me.

Now, everyone, what you've been waiting for!
Pictures of shiny things!

Have your brains been rotted out by the sheer awesomeness of this Giant. Shiny. Ball?
Yeah. Mine too.

Back to business. This, is Shikamaru Nara.
More specifically, this is Shippuden Shikamaru Nara...and this is who the infamous jackalope--coughhackyeahiknowinfamousmyasscough--is being convinced to cosplay as. While I am not ecstatic about having a pineapple 'pon the back of my skull....I do agree with the Nara's laid-back attitude and use of the word "Troublesome." Humans are troublesome. >P

Anyways~ The costume itself isn't going to be too much work for me. The fishnet shirt I can purchase...or in order to match the leg "warmers", I can make. My family owns a surger--which makes the seams you find in shirts--so it wouldn't be too difficult to manage the mesh material.

The black pants and shirt would also be easy to make...even if pants are the bane of my existence, and depending on my time constraints during this years production of Christmas Carol--we do it every year and I work on it every year--I'll either make or purchase the vest.
Of course, the wig and headband I'll have to order, and I'm not sure about the shoes just yet. If I can find a nice pair online that'll work.

Unfortunately, the need/violent forcing to do Shikamaru means that I won't be doing Colonello this time. He's been slowly pushed to the sidelines for a while...and I can only hope I'll have time to make him before A-kon. I have a busy schedule next semester though, and since I set my sights on him, there have been cosplays to come up that I feel are more in tune with my personality...and therefore are higher on my to-do list.
Gokudera Hayate, however, has not been removed from his place on my list, and I'll try to work on him after Ikkicon. What I'm really hoping I have time to work on, though, is the Undertaker from Black Butler.

I...have...recently fallen in love with this series, and the Undertaker is without a doubt one of my favorites. I would love to take him on as a challenge, and while I'm not currently sure if that's going to happen, it very well might if I can find the time and gain the assistance from my costume/clothing magician of a grandparent. xD I'm still "in-training" as a costumer, yo! ;P

I am definitely looking forward to making my attempt at him. Hes a marvelously psychotic character, which as far as I'm concerned is the best kind! And he's an /undertaker/. I mean c'mon. What's more fun than giggling madly and tapping out tunes on the skulls of corpses? Psh. Nothing, that's what. ;P~!
And I'd have a marvelous excuse to terrorize my beloved kidnapper<333

Look out for some work on both these get-ups very soon! I have to get my ass in gear very quickly if I'm going to have time to work on them and my school before January rolls around!