Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Side-Tracker I don't know if anyone reading this has seen "Inception" yet...but my god. That is a brain twister right there. Not gonna lie, I absolute adored the movie, but jeez. For a good while through it, I was so lost it wasn't even funny.

Seriously fantastic show though--good acting, good directing, good graphics, good overall--and I really enjoyed it! After it was all said and done for you're left with a good sense of understanding...and endless 'what-ifs'. And I love that. Nothin' like something I can be continuously dreamin' about. ;3

Anyways, a bit back to the anime realm, I've gotten really into Tegami Bachi:  Letter Bee. Its a pretty kick-ass series; bit of a heart-wrencher though. The artwork is clean and gorgeous, and the characters are loveable to a 't'...while annoying at times. I like that in a show. ;3
The outfits are droolworthy too. I've been wanting to make a Letter Bee outfit since I started watching it. The details that they show make it a dream come true for a perfectionist-seamstress. Details = <3

Look and drool!
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