Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shopping List: Ouran Beach Party

After much discussion between two of us, we've decided to compile a list of things to get for the various characters...or things to look out for. ;] They are primarily based on images and scenes set at Kyoya's indoor resort, bu some are based on other images simply due to strangeness. xD; Or lack of being in the episode. oxo;
Most are suggestions.

Hikaru/Kaoru [15% done!]
{ Jack (confirmed) / (unconfirmed) }

Nekozawa [around $92] 
{ Kaasan (confirmed) }

Renge [Suggestions] 
{ Emiry (confirmed) }

{ The Most Tolerant Man in the World (confirmed) }

Hunny [Suggestions] 
{ Munchkin (confirmed) }

Mori [Suggestions] 
{ Vengeance Horse (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Dark Blue minimal to no patterning]
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses [Sporty; neck]
  • Beach Ball [Red & White]

Kyoya [Suggestions] 
{ Shortstuff (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Dark; Little to no patterning]
  • Shirt [Hawaiian button up; white with minimal patterning]
  • Necklace [Thin, silver tone]
  • Flip Flops [Black]
  • Book or Journal

Tamaki [Suggestions] 
{ Capital B (confirmed) }

Haruhi [Suggestions] 
{ Capital T (confirmed) }
  • Swim Trunks [Green plaid]
  • Shirt [Yellow pullover]
  • Flip Flops [Black]

Casanov--....Kasanoda [Suggestions] 
{ Narutard (unconfirmed) }
  • Cargo Shorts [Khaki; brown belt]
  • Undershirt [Yellow]
  • Overshirt [Blue button up]
  • Sandals [brown velcro]
  • Sunglasses
  • Braided bracelet [Black]
  • Grumpy Expression

Tetsuya [Suggestions] 
{ Cody-ak (unconfirmed) }
  • Cargo shorts (khaki; brown belt
  • Shirt (mint green; open
  • Bandage on cheek
  • Sunglasses (more feminine than Kasanoda's)
  • Flip flops (brown)
  • Picnic basket
  • Umbrella
  • Big beach towel
  • Beach bag (sunscreen, towels, etc)

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