Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Projects for the thinking; Vino and Joker

So I've been doing a lot of musing since my summer started...and when I wasn't musing about my new life after I move upstate for a new college...or about my crazy friends...or about my current cosplays or my horses, something that kept coming up was future cosplays. There're quite a few I want to do--from Squalo of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! to Tzekel Kahn from The Road To Eldorado--but a couple in particular I'm already beginning to work out patterns and schemes in my head.

One of those is Baccano!'s Claire Stanfield.

From the first time I watched Baccano!, I've loved this character, but I recently watched the series over again...and not having my eyes going swirly-crazy from trying to understand it really let me see this guy in all his glory. I think I fell in love! D8
I'm not complaining though. He's so delightfully twisted, and his logic is fabulous. I definitely want to make his get up. Suits are currently not in my ability to make though--and they're also waaay too expensive to make from scratch--so I'll probably find a place that sells them for a reasonable price and get a couple. ;] one would be clean and fabulous, and the other...kekekeke.
Put simply, a friend and I plan to fill things with the "blood' and I get to beat them so we get proper splatter. =D Then we'll rig the makeup to match the splatter, and put some in the hair as well. ;]
I'm definitely planning on getting to this guy in the next couple years or so...maybe for Ikkicon or A-kon next year! He's so wonderful.

Coincidentally...I'd really like to get my ass in gear for is Kimblee of FMA. I guess I have a thing for the psychopathic, homicidal, blood-thirsty, sadistic, semi-masochistic crazy fuckers. oxo; suits.

But c'mooon! How can you say no to this? >:D
Back to the point of the matter, aside form Vino--who is in the squiggly planning stage--I am also seriously 100% considering Joker from Black Butler.

I've seen a lot of really well done Jokers, and I don't think I can top most of them, but there's something about this costume that just makes me swoon. I mean, I live for fabulous costumes, and the urge to get my hands on this one is so strong I could just squirm myself to death. I've got so many schemes for it too. xD;;
The jacket I'm especially worked out over--I mean, look at that thing!!--and that's not just 'cause I'm a bit of a psychopath for gorgeous coats. But it has a good design, a unique pattern...and I love the challenge of matching it.
...that and I kinda have a thing fer coats.. >>;;

The other thing is those boots....and that arm. The arm I'm excited about. I think it'd be really neat to simply paint my hand when I'm just roaming cons, but for photoshoots I could bind my arm behind my back and implement an entire skeletal arm that can be maneuvered and positioned. With a wire interior and movement in the joints, it could even hold things and make inappropriate hand symbols. ~(>3<)~

..butyah...those two are currently very very high in my to-do list, after everything else is finished, of course! They will have to take a back seat to school though. -SIGH- Luckily, i'm going to school for Take that, logic! -fistpumpofgreatandpowerfulVICTORY-

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