Friday, May 13, 2011

Updating the Updates!

So there's a new development in the group...being that our Haruhi can't afford the wig...and therefore can't be our Haruhi. Luckily...our marvelous Eclair is filling in her shoes! Which is even better, 'cause now we can really make Tamaki-senpai jealous! -cackle-

Neutral news aside, I've got some good news too! Kaasan has ordered all of her things for Nekozawa, Shortstuff is pretty much gotten everything for Kyoya together, Ranka's accessories are almost all gathered together, and everyone is Super Hyped for the con!! We've even got ourselves a photographer for a neato little photoshoot, and we're hopin' to trek to the beach one day!

On a side note, the shirt I ordered came in...and its the wrong color. We're still deciding whether or not to pay money to have it exchanged...or just give it  to someone and get a new one...the sunglasses also came in--and they're so perfect it hurts--and...the wig! 

I'm super happy with it, 'cause while it has some stylin' to be done to it...its kinda amazing and as orange as it could be!

..just kidding, just kidding.

Messy picture, yeah, and you can see my distinctive sunburn...but there she blows! Isn't it nice? I'm so glad to have my first short wig in my collection! BWAHAHAHA.
Now its time to get back to work and scheme for the costumes and the con!

See you soon!

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