Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress is Progressing!

Well, I've been a busy busy bee lately! Aside from working diligently on my newest Undertaker, I've also been working on my friend's costume--Excalibur from Soul Eater!

This is the costume so far. :]

The costume is nearly complete, and I'm exceedingly proud! Its taken several days, but hey! I've been making the jacket, the feet, the head, and the hat. So far the jacket and feet are finished, and I'll be starting on the head today. We sewed some footless pantyhose to the feet to make the legs, and these are over another pair of pantyhose. The jacket is over a button up shirt. I plan on attaching the head to an undershirt, and having all the seems covered by the "doily"...which is actually the collar. We just think it looks like a doily. -3-
 I would very much like to do Soul Eater to go with her Excalibur--we have quite a few other members in groups attached to ours--but due to the very short amount of time I have left, I've decided I'm better off not. I couldn't get a wig here in that time anyways. I plan to eventually make Soul--or someone else, if by that time we have a Soul--but I want to do it when I have time to really get the details down. Especially those teeth and those eyes. -squirm-

My Undertaker costumes are going well as well, both of them! The main one is pretty much done...although I should probably get my ass in gear and make the shawl and hat, but the second one is almost complete! I'm so excited about it. The details look really good, ya know! ;D I'm also really ecstatic about the skeleton that should be in in the next couple days...

This is a good outline of it. I plan on setting up a small gallery of all the pictures I have for this, since there are so many! There are lots of small things that make me happy about it. :D Its very fitted too, which means that it gets my curves...which I always like. ;3 I will say though, it accents my chest a bit much. Its not as bad when I bind though, so I'll probably bind and rework it a bit at the con if I need to. I'll be bringing my sewing machine...for some god forsaken reason. -laugh-

Anyways! Everything's going smoothly, all things considered, and I can't wait for the con!! Its only a couple weeks away!! -dance- ...not even a couple, really. Its so right there its making me scream!!

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