Friday, April 29, 2011

Masters of False Hope...and of ULTIMATE AWESOME.

So it seems that our gang/group has become masters of false hope. We often have these great, extravagant plans with schemes and goals that we theoretically could accomplish...but as the past has often shown us, our plans rarely make it as far as we want. =/ Anyways! The reality is that just when we finished our lovely plans for the Sexy no Jutsu cosplays, and really got ready to get to work, reality stepped in and tossed at least me a world of work to do. Swamped with costumes and schoolwork and the like, I was unable to so much as begin work on the three-ish costumes I was planning to do. Unfortunately, because of this, Team 10 will be unable to go to a-kon this year. There's a chance we'll get to them in the next year of so, but because of a mixture of sudden, unexpected expenses causing a lack of funds and a lack of time, it won't get done this year. So wave good bye to it for now!

But on to more things! Unlike with SnJ, the Tangled cosplay group is well under way. My Maximus is almost complete, although I have edited the design a bit and removed the "metallic" part to the front. I'm putting in an order for some dark navy or charcoal colored breeches for the costume(which will end up being great for riding as well so...yay!) and have been gathering up my old small leather belts and my tall boots.

I'm also in the process of acquiring my wigs for the hair/mane/tail, as well as researching tutorials and ideas for making some ears. All in all, its going pretty dang well! =] I'm quite excited. And to add to it, we've now got a Pascal added to the gang, and we're all really happy that my "grandson" is joining the party. And no, she isn't actually my grandson. Its a nickname. ;] I ain't old enough for kids, not less grandkids.

Even more exciting, however, is the pretty-last-minute...but very awesome group we've managed to mostly wrangle together. ;D Can you guess what we're up to?!

That's right!!
An Ouran Highschool Host Club Beach Gang!
..and yes. Bolding was necessary.
Myself and my best friend Kaasan are especially excited about this, but we aren't the only ones. We have confirmation(aka forced agreement) for each of the main characters except for Haruhi (who simply hasn't responded yet), as well as a couple lesser but still awesome characters. Included in our group will be:
Played by our Munchkin of Doom!
Played by our kick-ass Blondie!

Played by our transforming Vengeance Horse!
Played by our marvelous me..aka Jack!

[Hopefully] Played by my judaime JuJu!

[Hopefully] Played by our show-stopping Scenester

Played by our exceedingly tolerant Shortstuff!
[Hopefully] Played by our resident Narutard!
[Hopefully] Played by our Ultimate Romantic!
[Hopefully] Played by our cuddly Cody-ak!

Played by our easy-going Gogglehead!

Played by our Universal Kaasan!

Played by our Universal Kaasan's HAND!

The entire group will be in a beach themed get-up, with Kaoru and myself hiding our less-than-male chests with partially open shirts and the majority of our males as shirtless as they'll let us make them. ;D We luckily have a batch of very handsome men, yes we do! We'll be finishing off the mixture of swim trunks and hawaiian shirts with sunglasses and drinks in coconut cups that we'll be carrying around occasionally. Nekozawa's get up is without doubt the most ornate, but its also going to be one of the most fun to see! We'll be making certain that all of Kaasan's beach wear are black in color, and it'll be finished with a black umbrella hat/sheer "mosquito net" and sunglasses for Beelzenef!
Pictures, of course, will be up when we have things rolling...but it shouldn't take too long! This cosplay group was specifically chosen for the ease we'll be able to get things together.

Anyways, that's it for the night, and I'll be seein' you folks~ ;D Stay tuned for the results to a casual-cosplay photoshoot with Undertaker and Itachi in the next few days~

See ya soon!

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