Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lotta work for last minute...

So...I was reading Black Butler...catching up and getting to that shiny new chapter...and a very particular image caught my eye.

You can't see very well from this distance, so I recommend making it bigger, but this is probably my favorite image of Undertaker I've ever seen. The very sight of it makes me drool I'm so excited to work on it. xD;

Unfortunately for me, doing this one means a helluva lot of work pretty last minute to the con! This jacket he has on is very different from the ones I have now. its a more asian style, with ornate embroidery on one sleeve and a gorgeous threaded ribbon on the other. It also gives a better look at that belt, and I'm eager to rework the one I have just for this. ;]

We're actually thinking about digging me up a skeleton too...and I think it'd be beyond epic to walk around a convention with a fully articulated skeleton. Unfortunately, it not very easy to do that with my if I do'll be a much more inexpensive model. Nevertheless! I'm really ecstatic about this, and desperately want to do it. I was aching for another costume to bring with me too, so its even better!

On a side note...I have a visitor to my home. He is a bat...plain and simple...and is a teensy weensy baby. About the size of my thumb. My friends want to call him Bruce Wayne...but I've actually been calling him Batty.
Yeah! That Batty!

He actually kinda looks like that... not really. he's hairless, with a cute little snub nose and ears that fold over. >3< He's so cute!..well...for a bat. Anyways, we've been keeping him warm and feeding him goats milk every two hours or so. He's doing okay so far...but we're trying to find someone who can give him the care he really needs Hopefully one of the wildlife rescues or the zoo around here will take the little insectivore. Until now, we're doing our best!

If I remember, I'll update this post with a picture of the little stinker. ;]

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