Sunday, July 3, 2011

Post-Con Runthrough

So A-kon 22 is in my rearview mirror!
It was a great con though, full of great people and great memories and less-than-great costume fiascoes that were till better to have than to not have. Despite my hard work, my Undertaker costume was yet again unable to be really premiered. I once again ran out of time, taking on too much too late in the game to manage the one thing I've been planning since the beginning. Sounds like me, huh? Ah well! Can't dwell on things like that, now can we?

Pepe de Pedro was meant to be a prop...
..but he ended up being more of a partner...
..and a Med-nin toy.
Hikaru was, thankfully, a success! Our beach Ouran gang went over well despite how little time we actually had to spend in costume. The photoshoot came and went in the blink of an eye, and everyone was out of costume almost as quickly as they got in! But we are all eagerly waiting for the result of our hard work, as our photographer should be getting back to us with our pictures in the next few months.
I'll, of course, put up a gallery when they arrive!

In the meantime, how about a run-down of our trip to Galveston, Texas a few weeks prior?

Well, to begin with...a trip to the beach is pretty self-explanatory. Myself, Kaaan, and Hidan-kun all packed up our pretty little bums and hi-tailed it down to Galveston Island in south Texas for a weekend of beach merriment. Yep. Just like it sounds like! While we were there to waste time and enjoy the weather mostly, we also took some time to explore and took some fabulous cosplay related photographs!

Myself and Hidan-kun actually spent an entire day in partial cosplay--myself in an unbound, glasses wearing Hikaru, and Hidan as...Hidan--and that was the day we spent the most time in public. We went to a place called Moody Gardens, which are these three glass pyramids with miniature worlds inside! We went to two of the three, the Jungle Pyramid and the Aquarium Pyramid!

We actually had a couple pictures taken of us as we cheerfully traipsed about, making happy spectacles of ourselves as we just acted to our nature. Of course, with a 6'7" companion with slicked back hair and an Akatsuki cloak walking around with a 5'6" orange-headed bubble mouth and a good-part-of-Texas Kaasan...its hard not to be noticed.

While in the Aquarium Pyramid we discovered this awesome shark cage in the middle of the room that was set up for taking pictures! It was kinda amazing, and we took quite a few pictures of us goofing around in it. But aside form cool-ass shark cages, there were multitudes of incredibly well done tanks and beautiful fish.
...I'm not gonna lie. Aquariums are my favorite things of all times!

Aside from awesome fish and beautiful jungle settings, we were also lucky as all hell to get a great view from our hotel balcony. My mom really blew us away with our great room, and considering it was my first true vacation from family, it went incredibly well. My friends proved to be incredibly good friends during a mental meltdown the night before we went home, and I came back to my southern neighborhood feeling relieved...almost like the ocean air had eased all of my worries.

A shout out to my duo.
I won't forget what y'all have done for me, guys.

When we got back from our trip, and I went home, I took a long breath...and didn't work. I don't regret that action, however, as taking a step back and just...relaxing really soothed my nerves. True, Undertaker wasn't finished. True, Hikaru was literally finished the night  before the convention. True, I was making costumes while at the con, and spent more time working on things and changing then I did much else. But it wasn't a stressful thing, like it could have been. It was fun!

So to all of you guys who do what I do--take bites off of the world too big for your own mouth and struggle to swallow more than your stomach can hold--remember that its all for fun. That its okay to step away and not have everything done. Against all odds, you can have as much fun with the imperfections of the world as you can the perfection! If not more, for that matter.

As is custom in my favorite world of all time, "Breathe Deep; Seek Peace." ...then go enjoy the hell out've life, yo!

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