Saturday, January 8, 2011

Updating the Undertaker

Whoo! Hey guys, been a while, ain't it? xD;; Sorry, sorry. This little jackalope has been a busy, busy bee, she has! But despite the school work and the life work and the head-desk work, there's been a lot of progress that's been made, and some serious updates to be told! First off, let's start where we left off--with Undertaker!

Last time I put something up on here, I was talking about plans and had just gotten ahold of a pattern. since then...well...its basically been finished! xD; I didn't really document much of the making-of either...namely because I was in a rush to finish it! Unfortunately despite having finished pretty much everything, the wig did not come in in time for the convention I was aiming for--Ikkicon--so the whole 'hurry hurry quickly quickly' thing...was basically for no reason. xD
As a result though, I have a pretty awesome get-up.

This is basically my Undertaker. :] Not the best picture, I know...but its what ya get so shoosh. >P Anyways...there are a few things I plan on changing, but for the most part..this is it! I intend on lengthening the necklaces just a bit--especially the bottom one--and while from here the little cameos on his chain seem okay...I plan on sitting down and concentrating on getting them down pat sometime in the near future. You can see the ends of the wig next to it, and I'm actually really pleased with it. :] Its a heat-resistant wig...and while it cost a bit more, its very well behaved and very soft. Its kinda amazing. Just sayin'.
I also have the boots, but they obviously aren't shown here. I was too lazy to get them outta the truck so no shoes for you. Ya'll will get to see them after the photoshoots.

Before I can call this thing done, I still have to put on the buttons on the outer coat. Here's a bit of a detail shot on the inner coat as well as the collar of the outer. :] I actually had a family member help me with the outer coat, as I was having some serious issues with the collar being all...loopy. What's cool about the collar though is actually what ya can't see from the outside! 

There's a bloody pocket on both sides of it! ;D 
There're pockets there. That's right, pockets! They're small, but they're sturdy and were made exclusively for me to put my cell phone and my credit card case in them where they are safe and out of the way. :] Best. Idea. Ever. ;]

Once the buttons are put on and the wig is styled, I'll essentially be done. I've got ahold of a top-hat I intended to modify, but due to issues with the company that I ordered it from--can you believe the closest thing to a top-hat locally was a leprechaun one?--the stupid thing is about the height of a small I'm not so sure I like that. I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna fix it up with the cloth and just call it a day or go find a shorter one...but I'm not really in a rush to make up my mind so meh. I'll figure it out eventually, I suppose. P: 

Anyways! That's Undertaker, nice and on the road to being finished. ;] Which makes me very, very happy.

Up next is Ikkicon! Its part two of the MEGA UPDATE post.

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