Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ikkicon and Cosplay Plans!

Starting off Part TWO of the MEGA UPDATE POST, we're leaving  behind our favorite funeral babe to investigate the other nonsense I've been up to! Said nonsense includes a rather amazing trip to Ikkicon with the best friend a chickie could, and some designs. ;]

Wild Tobi uses Deidara!
 The convention was full of ninjas, sacrificing, awkward situations, blow-dried throats, fake blood, Beetlejuice, space cowboys,  henchmen, dead mothers, Alice in Wonderland, hidden Giand horrible adventures with buffalo wings, and was overall one of the best times I've had.

Say his name twice and he bolts!
 Ikki is considerably more relaxed and easy going than the other cons I've been to, and it was nice to have the lazy feeling that you could take your time and wander around aimlessly as long as you wanted! The lack of lines at the elevators and the fact that you didn't have to use the escalators to get from one floor to another made it even more fabulous for my laziness...and my heels. :D

What was also really neat about this con too was an abnormal amount of Venture Bros. related cosplayers. Really good ones! It made me pretty happy to see #21 running around, as well as Dr. Venture and Dr. Girlfriend. Even better was that Dr. Girlfriend was not only a man...but a very shapely man who pulled it off amazingly. His voice was spot on, as was his attitude and costume. Kinda made my weekend to see him and Dr. Venture as the King and Queen of cosplay chess. Just sayin'.

While at Ikkicon, a few other ideas were tossed around. And from those ideas were born several costumes and designs that I'm currently working on. One of the first--kinda an inside joke--is Karma Zebra. Karma Zebra is a deity/obnoxious creature/etc. that delivers your good or bad karma. Think of it like the stork of the karma world. It especially delights in bringing bad karma, and its favorite phrase is "I always get you in the end." And yes, it does intend the pun.

Anyways, Karma Zebra dresses in black and white and is kinda I set to designing it. The results were this:
This is I think the...third design of KZ, involving white boots, fish net, and a sleeveless tailed coat. Since then she/he/it has had a bit of a makeover and is heading towards a slightly more steampunked style.'s the jacket in all its slightly-costumey glory. 

So the jacket itself does not close. Its goes down to about mid way through my ribcage. :] It has long tails and the sleeves are long enough that the lace falls almost over the tips of my fingers even when my arms aren't down. The exterior fabric is actually a upraised-diamond pattern on a false suede, and its really cool to touch. The interior is a random line and is silkay. :D The lace itself is black--a bit too feminine for me but great nonetheless--and has silver threads to help dictate the pattern.

But KZ wasn't the only idea tossed around that's grown into something more. >D Another was the sexy-no-jutsu version of Team 10 of Naruto. That's the team of Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji. We actually have a group set and ready to do a trans-gendered version of Team 10..although we are going to do a Shippuden version rather than the li'l kiddie version. :] I have the designs ready, but I haven't uploaded them yet, so here's some pictures of the team itself to chew on.

The plan is for all of our designs to be basically feminzed/masculinized versions of the original outfits. We're not going to make any poofy maid outfits...this time. Maybe next time! >D Bwahaha. bestest chickie will be out Choji. She's going to have an awesomely spikey wig--I don't think we could get her hair to be that full if we went after it with sixty buckets of hairspray simply  because...well /look/ at his hair--and will have some even awesomer boots. :] We're thinking about using a hoopskirt to give her a really fucking cool bell-shape that's just gonna make her really stand out..and make elevators rather exciting. xD We will be totally taking advantage of her cleavage too. Bwahahaha.

I'll be doing Shikamaru--big shock, huh? ;D--and he's gonna probably have the least stand-outish outfit..which is fitting. xD I'll keep the chuunin vest, but we'll be trimming his sleeves to about half-up the arm and replacing the entire front with fishnet. :] The pants will be fairly fitted and I'm trying to decide whether or not to use fishnet there too. I'll also be wearing some nice heeled boots. Still working Shika out though.. >>;

And last but not least is our Ino...who is actually a guy! A natural blond too. P: He'll be wearing Ino's typical half-shirt--no change there--and probably the skirt too. But we'll add in some pants and try to masculinize it a bit...although any Ino would be a feminine guy anways. xDD

There are plans for a few other members; including an amazing friend of ours who's bringing her She-tachi, a chickie whose split between Neiji and Kankuro, a guy who may join us but hasn't decided, and an engaged couple who--if they can and god I hope they can--might bring a female, beared Asuma and a male Kurenai to the table. =D

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