Saturday, January 8, 2011


So you've probably seen Part ONE of the MEGA UPDATE POST...and even Part TWO...but here's the final--PART THREE.
And I gotta say...I'm super excited about this one. chickie is getting set to cosplay Mother Gothel from Disney's Tangled.

That's this chick. She's doing this, and memorizing the songs, because she and two others had decided to bring Tangled to Anime Fest in September. =D 
 Along with Mother Gothel is an adorable Rapunzel; 

A kick-ass Flynn;

And as of a few days ago...a Maximus!
That's right guys. Maximus is going to a convention.
With the encouragement of Mother Gothel and the excited chittering of Rapunzel, I've started work on a humanized version of Max to bring to the convention. :] The result is this design;

 This is the back of the original design. :] I used the colors you see on Maximus's saddlepad, as well as on many of the guards and soldiers. So you've the got the red for the shirt with a yellow and black binding, and the white gloves you see on pretty much all of the guards. 

The whole thing is backless so that I can actually make a mane out of a wig and you'll be able to see it! :] All of the hair--including the tail--will be a blond color, but the ears I plan on making--if i have time--will be white.

Here's the front. :] The star of it is the leather of and the "metal", and the best part is the seven-point sun that you see aaaaall over the movie. :] You can see from the image on the left how I plan to do the tail--I want it to stick out almost like how an arabian holds their tails--if possible. P:

Now since the first designs I've done...quite a bit of work. So much in fact that I can show you the result of my handiwork already! I was really eager to get started. xD;;

Here's the under shirt. I've got a couple more snaps to add to keep it from opening at random, but this is essentially it. :] It has an open slit in the front and the yellow and black strips are done. The sleeves are also the proper length and its been fitted so its basically done.

This is the back. As you can see it has a completely different back than the original design, but I like this one better. =D The three straps in the middle are actually what keeps the shirt positioned the way it needs to be, while the "x" on top is more for security than actual use. xD; Below's a detail of the back.

On top of the shirt...dress...tunic thing, is a set of "armor". The original plan was to have some sleeves, but due to some head-aching, I've left that idea behind. Here's the result of a full two day's work;

:] Looks pretty neat without the sleeves, if you ask me. The silver fabric isn't sewn down yet...but it will be soon. I have to hand-stitch the sun design first. And once this is all done, a set of riding breeches, tall boots, replica civil war gloves--they have that neato flare I want--a blond wig for the head the mane and the tail, and a set of ears will complete the effect. :D So there you have it!

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