Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sexy-No-Jutsu Attack!

Hey folks! Got some neato updates for you. Remember that Sexy-no-Jutsu Team 10 we had~? Well...its no longer just Team 10. As a matter of fact, this cosplay idea has basically exploded from a small group of eager friends to an entire boatload of folks we've never met jumpin' in too! We have ninefuckingteen confirmed members to our photoshoot, including not only favorites like Sasuke(and a semi-confirmed Naruto and Kakashi) but rarities like Konohamaru and Kiba, and mind-bogglers like Kyuubi! Keep in mind that every single one of these--from Sakura to Konan, Tobi, and Tsunade--are all trans-gendered.

Of course, the concept of sexy-no-jutsu is far from a new one. Not only is it canon--lol. Think about that for a moment and gigglesnort with me--its been done time and time again in big groups, little groups, medium groups, and even non-existent groups. What makes our little gang neat, however, is not even the SHEER EFFIN' NUMBER OF PEOPLE WE HAVE WITHOUT ANY DOUBLES. Nope, what makes ours special is actually the dudes. xD;

You don't really see any sexy-no-jutsu dudes runnin' around on a normal basis...but we have quite a few! Now joining our sexy Ino is a Sakura, a Tsunade, a Konan, and even a Kurenai.

To make us even awesomer, we have a one completed team and most of two well as a fair chunk of the Akatsuki. Its pretty neat-o. Admit it.

Anyways, to keep an eye on us and our growing herd, stalk us here. You can see our growing list of members, keep track of our photoshoot times, and maybe even join in. I'll be posting up progress of the costumes I'm designing and working on as well, so be sure to check back and see what I've gotten up to. ;]

Ja ne for now!

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