Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bit of Irrelevancy...

A few days ago I introduced my grandmother to the Steampunk genre when I was explaining to her my newest obsession with the Clockwork Quartet(seriously awesome steampunk band--go listen to them!), and ended up showing her a few images of the basic style as well as the music itself. She apparently took a bigger shine to it than I thought, or maybe she just thinks that my kid-in-a-candy-store stares at it are better than my drooling stares at anime/manga, and has actually been trying to get me to send her some links to clothing stores, as well as commenting on making some!

This kinda inspired me to go on a mini-Steampunk hunt, and well...I figured I'd share some of my favorite places to look and oggle. ;3

This is a neat place with a fair amount of clothing and whatnots. Their craftsmanship is very nice, and although it is a bit difficult to give a good quality scale without handling the material, it looks pretty good.

There isn't a lot of Steampunk things here, but their small accessories--a monocle, a ring, etc.--are intricate. Of course...I may be a liiittle bit corrupted by all the shiny weapons they have...

Secret time! I love going here and digging through the accessories to get inspiration for my doodles. They've got some nice stuff, and a friend and I almost put our limited convention-funds into this place for a neat get-up for a masquerade. ;3 Unfortunately our limited funds proved to be too limited and too precious. xD;

Not gonna lie, this shop is hosted by Etsy...and I can't stand the layout of Etsy. But, its well worth the annoyance to look at the gorgeous work here. Its all accessories--jewelry, goggles, cufflinks, you name it--and its all gorgeous. If you're gonna go anywhere for some what-nots, go here.

This is probably my favorite place. Its informative, its irresistable, and it has a lot of things hiding in it. Now, this isn't really a "shop" as in "buying things", so if you're hunting that next overcoat, I wouldn't look here as a first choice. But if you want to learn about the genre, see opinions about the genre, look at things that are drool-worthy of the genre, and other things...I'd go here. Endless amounts of information, in my opinion. 

My favorite Steampunk band. They have only two songs currently available, but both are addicting to listen to and tell interesting stories. They've got some amazing costumes as well, and their gallery is always fun to look through.

A more mainstream Steampunk band, these guys are really awesome. Their instruments are even hard to look away from, and their music is very unique. I personally recommend "Airship Pirates". ;3

So there you have it! A few of my favorite Steamy places...with only a little bit of diverting from the cosplay genre. ;D 
Shh. Don't tell anyone.

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